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freedom manifesto [Jul. 2nd, 2008|12:19 am]
the world of Bobson
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I am guilty of looking through self help books at the library. So what you may ask? I think everyone has problems some self actualized other not so much. Anyways I am always looking to others to help me with problems I may or may not have. I found a sort of self help / philosophy / world view book called the Freedom Manifesto. And its written by an anarchist by the name off Tom Hodgkinson. He was involved in some magazine called "Idle" or "Idleness." Anyways this book he examines why people are not free. Is it because of the government? Credit cards? Anxiety? Work? I have just started reading and I do not feel free yet but I am only on the first chapter. And I think it examines the anxious culture we live in. This is no startling revelation but we live in a consumer culture and its only natural the companies we are consuming make us consume as much as we can. Scary notions when looked at analytically. So maybe I am moving to a farm in the midwest very soon to get away. Outlook-- doubtful.

I miss livejournal.

In the time being I am incredibly happy. I have been making a lot of changes in my life and I think its only making life better. I am still painfully searching for a new career. When I find something that is right it will be a glorious day. I have been dating this great girl named Amanda. I am going away Thursday to WVA with her and some of her friends for a few days. I am obsessed with nintendo wii. I have quit all my dj gigs. I really like dj-ing but it was totally burning me out. I was sick of being stuck in bars all the time every weekend. And when I am bored I just drink. So I quit this past friday was Soundclash's 6 year anniversary. It was also my last official one. It was sort of a great night but also incredibly sad. It will not be my last one forever I plan on guest djing from time to time if they will have me. I also plan to keep contributing for the website.

I will be devoting more time to writing. I miss writing. So I plan on using this free time to start writing again.

Also playing in 2 bands. The Chariots a reggae band from DC. And a new group comprised of members of Ready Steady Go! , James from the mauvities, and some other new faces. It a mix of soul/reggae/ska. I can't wait for us to start playing out. It has already been fun just practicing. The sky is the limit.

So I am back here for now :)
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end of year update [Dec. 17th, 2007|01:56 am]
the world of Bobson
I feel like I should apologize. Livejournal used to matter so much to me. To document every feeling, every moment, every detail. A blog. A document of my life. A document of what I do. Or what I should do. I think the writing on here has come really close to represent me and what I am about.

I feel in the past year and 6 months I have sort of outgrown this selfish - self expression. Not that I am degrading any one of my friends... from time to time I still read most of my friends' journals on here. Here I am sitting in my room drinking white rum and hawaiin punch.

Lots of highs and lows for 2007. I am not quite sure how to say it.

For me 2007 is ending like this...

moving out of my apartment due to financial reasons.

still overqualified and underpaid at my job.

playing in a reggae band called the Chariots from dc area.

playing in a reggae clash allstar band for a big big show in February @ sidebar.

djing here and there mostly @ DC Soundclash.

possibly starting a new band with some former RSG mates in 2008.

met a girl I REALLY LIKED that lives far away but in the past week I sort of needed a break from the relationship and I am not sure where it may go. At one time it seemed like she was going to move here and that reall delighted me but now who knows what the future holds.

writing for dcska.com, writing for musicaloccupation.com, writing and making mixes for dcsoundclash.com
still doing my podcast http://mobtownskasounds.podomatic.com

When do I get a break?

Bobby Bobson
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The Past 2 Months [Oct. 12th, 2007|02:46 am]
the world of Bobson
I haven't posted or read anything on live journal in over 60 days.

Well the past 60 days have been pretty interesting.

1) I met a girl I really enjoy in Knoxville unfortunately she lives in Lafayette, LA. But she came to visit me once last week and we had a blast. I will see her at the end of December.

2) I had a blast in Knoxville and Vegas. Read about Vegas here.


3) I am starting to get some new music projects in the works.
a) One of them is an established band I know I can help sound better.
b) One of them is a completely new project but with already an allstar lineup.
c) The third is a label/recording studio which seems like the most difficult and time consuming.

Yes my life!

Also I am desperately searching to change my job right now. I am incredibly unhappy. And need to find a job that requires very loose hours and time when I can do anything. For the first time ever I am thinking of making a jump into the world of the 9 to 5 office type positions.
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Who Do You Think I Am? [Aug. 7th, 2007|11:34 pm]
the world of Bobson
The other day I had this conversation with a good friend of mine. He was explaining to me that he needed to find out what to do next. Right now he is unemployed. He has just quit his job as a mechanic. And he knew there was something else in life that was for him. He was ready to go find it. If it required going back to school, moving somewhere, or just sacrificing everything to do what he wanted to do.

A few weeks ago I realized what I was missing. And right now it is in the works. And it is something I want to do. It is something I have done for the longest time. But right now its in the works so I don't want to give it away.

Got some big summer plans...

Saturday I'm going to Philly to DJ the Aggrolites show @ the First Unitarian

At the end of August I am going to Ska Weekend in Knoxville, TN. To see a bunch of great bands and hangout with some cool peeps.

Than in September (the week of the 7th-8th-9th) I am going to Vegas. To dj and to see some bands at the ISC even. Which is going to be really righteous because I have never been to vegas.

So I cannot wait for all this great stuff to happen.
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Peanut Vendor B Ware! [May. 31st, 2007|09:51 pm]
the world of Bobson
I found this mambo album with some classic cuban beats on it. Including peanut vendor and perfidia. Anyways I am in my room on a Thursday evening listening to records. Preparing for the show at the Ottobar tomorrow evening. I completed Breakfast of Champions today. I seem to be re-reading books I read in my adolescence to see if they still mean anything. I am not quite sure if they do. Today I stumbled into the local bookstore and picked this humongous (800+ pages) collected works of Ted Berrigan. I was quite excited by this turn of events and have already steading browsing the text.
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Dan Story [May. 18th, 2007|11:15 pm]
the world of Bobson
Dan imparted advice to everyone as I have heard from different stories Michelle told me this past week. And I realized how much I relied on his opinion about relationships, jobs, bands, music, and almost anything else. One of Dan's best traits among many was his knowledge of everything. I think that's why so many people liked him. Because whatever you took an interest in Dan would talk about that with you. Making friends was easy for him without a doubt.

Dan always made me a better person even if he didn't realize it. One time I was driving him back from practice and it was raining. This was probably around October or November 2006. And Dan always had a knack for showing me these roads I never knew exsisted. And as we were driving I was freaking out. The rain was over my wheels at certain parts of this road. I think originally we were on the GW parkway but the road was actual closed because the rain had flooded. And I think Dan would take these roads just to have more time to talk to whoever he was with.

My car was literally swerving/hydroplaning all over the road. And Dan just calmed me down. It was like he knew we would make it home. Every moment my car lost control I told Dan we are going to crash and flip the car over. And he's like no we won't. The way he said it was so calm. Than he yelled at me to turn the wheel as I briefly looked away. And I don't think I ever grabbed the steering wheel so tight as I did that day. I was totally stressing out and everything Dan said I did. I wanted to get out and let him take over but he said no he knew I could handle it. Dan navigated me through each turn and curve while other cars literally just pulled over to wait out the passing storm.

And by the time we reached his neighborhood we were both laughing like almost we had cheated the storm. I literally felt that Dan helped me cheat an early demise because without him I don't think I would have known what to do.


I remember going to Pittsburg to play a show with the Ratchet Boys. I don't think I had ever gone on a road trip with Dan. We rented a big van for the whole band and all of our equipment. I grabbed shotgun to help navigate even though I wasn't quite sure where we were going. I don't think I had ever been in a van going that fast before every hill we went over my stomach dropped. And I think Dan realized I was getting nauseous or sick but he was an ace at the wheel.

Dan was always in control but I don't think I had been in a car with him many times. And every time we turned
I grabbed onto the handle bar above my head. That whole trip was an adventure of sorts. Whether it was stopping so someone could make a rest stop every couple of minutes. Playing to an almost empty bar. Or staying at the Bates Motel. Every thing we did was fun.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2007|10:51 am]
the world of Bobson
"And how Death is that remedy all singers dream of,
sing, remember, prophesy as in the Hebrew Anthem,
or the Buddhist Book of Answers--and my own imagination
of a withered leaf--at dawn--
Dreaming back thru life, Your time--and mine
accelerating toward Apocalypse,
the final moment--the flower burning in the Day--
and what comes after,
looking back on the mind itself that saw an American city
a flash away, and the great dream of Me or China, or you
and a phantom Russia, or a crumpled bed
that never existed--
like a poem in the dark--escaped back to Oblivion--"

a selection of Kaddish by Allen Ginsburg
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William Carlos Williams [Apr. 21st, 2007|01:57 am]
the world of Bobson

The sky has given over
its bitterness.
Out of the dark change
all day long
rain falls and falls
as if it would never end.
Still the snow keeps
its hold on the ground.
But water, water is seething
from a thousand runnels.
It collects swiftly,
dappled with black
cuts a way for itself
through green ice in the gutters.
Drop after drop it falls
from the withered grass stems
of the overhanging embankment.

I have been reading alot this week. The flame has sort of reached me again and it is not easily controlled or encouraged. If you want to read 10 new poems I wrote than go here for god's sake and not mine.

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analytical asshole! [Apr. 17th, 2007|12:18 am]
the world of Bobson
I analyze myself. Too much. I should have been a psychologist to put some of my skills to use. Instead of doing what I am doing. Tonight I sort of stepped out of usual territory and found myself at the library in Catonsville. 2 poems in hand. 2 poems I wrote on a whim a few weeks ago. It was a poetry reading/workshop. I knew when I was going to read so I got really nervous. I thought about just leaving. I had second doubts before I even walked into the building. But the anxiety sort of felt good. I had done this years ago and I knew it would come back. And in my room I secretly have started reading out loud. The first poem was a train wreck I think my words began to enjamb with one another. The second poem I found my timing and it was perfect. I read about a dying poet in his last days regretting and sort of exaggerating his greatness. My voice was booming like thunder. And everyone loved it. And it felt good getting criticism but also receiving praise. People who write need positive and negative commentary. Most people that read my poetry say its great. I love it. Alright well what do you like about it? Well it's good. Ok thanks!

Sometimes I write things that I don't want people to get to see if anyone is paying attention. But no one cares or no one pays attention. Nonetheless Kurt Vonnegut passed and what perfect timing I was re-reading Slaughterhouse Five. And it meant alot more to me than it did in Middle School when I originally stumbled upon the classic. I sort of have this habit of really delving into an author's work as soon as they die. I also suffer from severe case of buying too many books that I don't get to read.

I think I'm applying to work at a library as a librarian because I can't think of a better job than being surrounded by books. I really think I need to make an effort to leave the state of MD sometime soon. I connected with this rather weird poet at the reading tonight. He was a sort of morbid in his writing sort of like Poe meets EE Cummings meets Dennis Hopper. All of his poems were about the sixties his reading voice sort of had this James Earl Jones/Darth Vader tone. And he had his own chapbook (poetry book, dorks!) with tons of pics he's taken throughout the years. Also he included a cd of him reading some of his poetry. Pretty revolutionary. And he lives right in Baltimore. We chatted for 20 minutes and he invited to some readings/workshops he goes to in the Baltimore area. I am really exciting delving into the poetry community again. Yeah!...um ok. I also met this girl. I think she's great.
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Hold 'Em Joe! [Apr. 11th, 2007|02:02 am]
the world of Bobson
I've been listening to non step mento and calypso as of late. It really makes me want to go away to somewhere in Jamaica or another island in the Bahamas this summer. I think I am. I sort of randomly met someone who actually taught in Jamaica for a couple years at the last soundclash. I found his stories and his description of Jamaica just wonderful. So that is what my goal is this summer. And Jamaica seems way more affordable than Germany and Las Vegas/West Coast. I am listening to all this calypso / mento for my newest episode of my podcast. Here is a plug because I know everyone can dig this...

I find it sort of unusual how certain people float in and out of my life on a continual basis. It was sort of random hanging out with a friend of mine on Monday. It was a tranquil sort of evening as we sat on the sofa watching a movie with the dude from Scrubs not Garden State but his latest film...Last Kiss. It was better than most of the reviews I read. I sort of have two commitments to see Grindhouse this week. Sunday when I was supposed to see it we ended up at the bar. On Easter drinking and drinking. A couple shots and a stumbling car ride to ROFO the night was perfect in the chilly whisp of the night.

Record shopping on friday was beyond ridiculous especially when I found a treasure isle original pressing of the Silvertones "Midnight Hour" with an instrumental scorcher on the flip by Tommy McCook. Sick sick stuff it's not in perfect condition but still looks pretty cool. And for the price I got it I would feel alright if I never played it and used it to hang in my room.

I was at the sidebar on friday. 2 times in one month I don't think I've been there twice in one month in quite some time. The Ambitions played a fun set though first time I Saw them with the new lineup. They did some grooving covers. Bands don't excite me though the way they used to. I was feeling the music on friday but everyone else in the room seemed to be waiting for the dj to start back up. No hopping around no rocking out just heads nodding. I think some people danced a lil but it was too little and too late for me.

I also am applying for an on air radio personality this week.
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